Books & Assignments

Books & Assignments

The success of the development plan in Per-school education depends to a large extent on the quality of teacher education program in the country. Keeping this fact in consideration; BACHPAN ACADEMY has launched this course in systematic manner such as providing study material, assignments, affordable cost, flexible nature of the course etc.

For your information we have divided our course in to seven parts and of each part is supported by different book. The books included are:-

  • Method of Teaching & Learning
  • School Management
  • Education Policy
  • Child Psychology, Development & Education
  • Nutritional Science
  • New Concept in child education
  • Book on first aid.

Books are written in simple language and self-explanatory. Assignments are given with every chapter in a particular book. The candidate has to submit the exercises/ questions/ assignments given in the book to the Head Office. Whenever we receive your assignment, our Technical Team will check the same & return them to you after necessary correction/rectification. At the end of the course student will get Diploma & that too at no extra cost.

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